Friday, February 4, 2011

Mazda Cars

Japanese have shown in Paris the third generation of the popular roadster, passed small face lifting.

The car has outwardly changed slightly, and still we will note occurrence in front of lines in the spirit of RX-8 - new head headlights, air intakes. The design rear фа also has changed. But, that is more important, model 2009 has received additional 500 turns of the twisting moment, new aluminium disks of dimension of 16 and 17 inches, and besides, the modernised box with new carbon synchro units improving a gear shift.

Also the steadfast attention has been given by engineers Mazda to a front suspension thanks to what the car differs now more a smooth motion and the best roadability. The roadster as we already wrote, with motors power of 126 and 160 h.p. will be equipped
Sales of the new Mazda MX-5 in the European market will begin in the middle of the next year, then the car will bring to the North America.


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