Friday, February 4, 2011


Japanese autoconcern Nissan declared one of these days increase of the prices for model Maxima of the sample of 2009 which release has begun past June.
As official representatives of the company have declared, the similar measure is compelled and is caused first of all by increase of the prices for automobile raw materials. Now models Maxima 3.5 S and Maxima 3.5 SV will cost $30160 and $32860, accordingly.
Both models are equipped advanced 3.5 l engine V6 and a gear box CVT, informs site TopSpeed.
For an additional payment the buyer can get more powerful engine. Power of V6 series engine VQ for model 2009 will be developed by power in 290 h.p. at a twisting moment in 353 Nanometers, that on 35 h.p. and 12 Nanometers more than at similar model 2008.

Nissan always was famous for that its testers skilfully avoided a meeting with photospies to official presentation of model. But this time sport penalties 370Z has not managed to “leave” from paparazzi who have overtaken the car in Germany.
Nissan 370Z goes on change a sport penalty 350Z and it will be shown the public in November of this year on the international motor show in Los Angeles. Outwardly the model 370Z has similar lines with the predecessor, but, of course, possesses also own style.
It is supposed, that the car begins to be completed with V-shaped “six” in volume of 3.7 l capacity of 330 h.p. and as much as possible twisting moment of 366 Nanometers. On hearings, the model can be equipped and 4.5 l by the motor, but such version if will go on sale, only in the market of Japan, writes Leftlanenews. In standard complete set Nissan 370Z will receive a six-step mechanical gear box, powerful brakes Brembo and light-alloy wheels dimension of 19-inches. For the additional sum it will be possible to order sport carss and with an automatic transmission.
So hold on tight, the beast is coming!

During a motor show passing in the French capital the Japanese autoconcern Nissan has presented conceptual electropenalties - mini, most tiny of all that was born ever in company design offices. It it is planned to make a basis for planned to release on the market in 2015 of the car which, according to developers can serve as an exemplary vehicle for near future megacities.
The model name is word-combination cutting-down “new view” - “a new sight”, a new image of the future municipal transportation where compact electromobiles dominate.
Presented concept with the landing formula 2+1 it is equipped with the electromotor eating from lithium-ionic of batteries which charge suffices on 125 km at the maximum speed of 120 km/hour. The motor transfers a twisting moment directly to a front axle as transmissions in model are not present, informs Autoua. The length of the car makes 1980 mm, width - 1500 mm, height - 1700 mm. Roof Nuvu is made of glass with the built in solar batteries.

Simultaneously Nissan prepares less radical car with the electric drive which production version will present on a motor show to Tokyo then model will send on the market. Nuvu is not a direct prototype of the given model, but represents a number of innovative technologies which will appear in new to a compact car.


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