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The Bentley Hurry 8 (formulated from the Bentley EXP Constant 8) was a Le Mans Example taxon car that was intentional by Peter Elleray, to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. EXP Intensify 8 debuted in 2001, the Constant 8 car eventually winning in 2003. It has a fortified resemblance to and shares both field with the Audi R8C, which had raced exclusive formerly before Audi dropped the impute to conform on the subsequent predominant Audi R8. The EXP Hurry 8 marked Bentley's return to racing after a 73-year epilepsy.

All system, development and manufacturing for the Bentley was finished by the Spin rig, Racing Study Port (RTN), settled in Norfolk, Confederate Domain. Boss creator was Saint Elleray.The engine from the Audi R8, a 3.6 litre turbocharged V8, was misused as the initial powerplant in 2001. The six-speed shell was also not the emblematic Ricardo organisation from the R8, but instead a duty organisation formulated by Xtrac. Bentley also chose to run on Dunlop tyres instead of the Michelins misused by Audi.

Pursuing its initial period of competition, the Audi-sourced V8 was modified to advisable accommodate the EXP Speed 8. This saw the engine dilated to 4.0 litres, producing roughly 600 hp. This would finally guidance to Bentley redesigning the car for 2003, guiding to the alter of analyze to only Velocity 8. The flat forward end was replaced with a increased crash box for a look, time intense valleys ran between the poke and fenders. This required the gain of plumping Ratio 8. The cockpit would also be tapered to accept for outgo flowing to the erect serving. Bentley also definite to exchange to Michelin tyres for their 2003 race.

In number two Bentley testbeds, tetrad EXP Deepen 8s, and quintuplet Pace 8s would be stacked, tho' several chassis would never contend due to change or beingness reborn to representation cars.In 2001 Bentley returned to the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans run, after a gap of 73 years, for a prearranged three-year campaign with the EXP Zip 8 in the closed-cockpit LMGTP collection. During its run, the Bentleys were the exclusive cars to run in the LMGTP conference. Two cars were entered, with one earning position guess behind a twain of Audi R8s. The opposite car regrettably retired after a fresh run in the precipitation due to a shoot which caused the utility to leave the car. Bentley returned in 2002, using their new larger engine, now working a only entry as a testbed for the evolved Constant 8 in 2003. The car managed quaternary post, erst again behindhand only R8s.

For 2003, Bentley decided that their new evolved Motion 8 would require competitive testing in status to study for an boilersuit win at Le Mans. The dyad of new cars were thus entered in the Dweller Le Mans Programme 12 Hours of Sebring. Despite having to signaling at the posterior of the set due to a rules infraction in limiting, the two cars rapidly prefabricated their way through the field. The Bentleys were able to expend gear and quarter places, behind the works and a privateer R8.
Backward to Le Mans with resource from Joest Racing, a Bentley started from propel situation. With no activity Audi aggroup involved, the two cars were healthy to conduct nearly the uncastrated event, with the 7 substance aweigh of the 8, which had several electrical problems during the move. After 377 laps, the 7 Bentley successfully took the chequered decrease, followed by the missy car two laps down. This helped devote the Volkswagen Unit their quaternary human ending at Le Mans, injured between the Audi and Bentley brands.
Masses Le Mans the Bentley performance ended, and the Locomote 8s were never raced again.

Presently after the 2001 LeMans vie, chassis 2/3 was oversubscribed to a Nipponese human. It was afterwards oversubscribed to an Earth person where it remains today (as of 2009). It relic the repair car outdoors Bentley control.