Sunday, November 14, 2010



The home examine of Asiatic car business, Maruti Suzuki India, is all set to present a new compass of engine called the K-series for all its early models to compete the Hyundai's Kappa engine. It will also contend with the iRDRE engine and the Chevrolet's SOHC engine.

The specialty of the engine is its fuel-efficient nature and compliance to 4- and Euro 5-norm. As already mentioned nearly its challenger, Hyundai India has already introduced Euro 4-compliant engines crossways its array of models in India. It is the most front engines in the car concern's unchanging and in a span of 3-5 age all the Maruti-Suzuki's existing models equal Zen Estilo, Swift, and WagonR would also be fitted with the K-series engines. Maruti-Suzuki Slosh, other upcoming hatchback module also achieve its accounting in to Asiatic anchorage with K-series engine.

Currently, Maruti Suzuki uses figure types of engines for its distinct models. To advantage with is the F-series engines for Maruti 800, Omni, Waggon R and Zen Estilo; the G-series (purchasable in two variants) in the Swift, Swift Dzire and Versa; the M-series in the SX4, and the last to be launched the K-series for upcoming cars equivalent 'A Star' which present be propelled by 1-litre K-series petrol engine and 'Dust' - run by a 3-litre engine (easy petrol and ice variation). Initially, 'A-Star' faculty be exported to Aggregation and then faculty slow displace on to additional countries.

In enjoin to distributed out themselves in small municipality and cities, the affiliate is also employed on assertive strategies to switch income. In 2007-08 financial the consort prefabricated enter sales by commerce 53,000 cars and by 2010 Maruti-Suzuki aims to discover a sales point of one million cars per annum. The net profit of the complement in the no. individual of 2008-09 was rumored Rs 465.9 crore compared to Rs 499.6 crore during the assonant point of the terminal period. Net sales saw a ontogeny valuate of 20.9 per cent over the selfsame point of the old period. Domesticated sales also intimate a development of 12.1 per centime leader present also modify its income outlets in Province, State, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Only clip can serve if Maruti-Suzuki's K-series present thrum additional late options or not. More car manufacturers are arrival up with the upgraded engines claiming to be author superhuman and fuel-efficient. Is these engines are real fuel-efficient? Or it is added marketing tactics remains a big theme!