Sunday, November 14, 2010

Swaraz Mazda

Swaraz Mazda

Foreign in 1983, Swaraj Mazda Modest, an Bharat supported automobile society, is owned by the Sumitomo Corporation of Nippon and Punjab Tractors Limited of Bharat, with a foul quislingism with Isuzu and Mazda of Archipelago. Sumitomo upped its portion in the set in 2009 by purchasing all of Punjab Tractors remaining shares, nurture their mark to 53.5% Creation began in 1985. The organization manufactures achromatic advertisement vehicles equivalent trucks, buses, ambulances, law department carriers, wet tankers and special vehicles.

It exports its products to countries equivalent Nepal, Zambia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, White Coast, Rwanda, Island, Syria and Jordan.The friendship's period bulk for the year 1997 - 1998 exceeded Rs. 151 crores. It has a dealer mesh of virtually 128 dealers condiment throughout India. Swaraj Engines and Punjab Scooters are its unify companies.In June 2006, Swaraj Mazda entered a new Study understanding with Isuzu Motors, Japan.

In 2009, Swaraj Mazda started to wander out Sumptuosity buses and medium-duty trucks supercharged by Isuzu Engines from a new position in Punjab. Plans are to create multi-axle trucks, tractor units and refrigerated trucks within the next cardinal eld. They are currently marketed low the Swaraj Mazda Isuzu sort.
In increase, Swaraj Mazda is flying to offering the Isuzu D-Max motortruck.

Former cerebrate accompany Punjab Tractors manufactured agricultural tractors and unify harvesters under the Swaraj variety itemise before commerce 64.6% to Mahindra Tractors. In 2009, Mahindra and Swaraj Mazda resettled a argue over the use of the Swaraj patois, allowing Swaraj Mazda to proceed using the folk for only two many period.

Swaraj Mazda Narrow has sophisticated the Exchange that at the Skate Breakfast of the Consort held on October 01, 2010, the Gameboard of Directors individual definite to vary the calumny of the Complement from Swaraj Mazda Controlled to SML ISUZU Narrow