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The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R is a Kawasaki 600 categorize recreation wheel motorcycle. It was introduced in 1995 and has been constantly updated throughout the life in greeting to new products from Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha. The ZX series is what was legendary as the Ninja credit of Kawasaki motorcycles in the 1980s and allay carries the denomination today.When Kawasaki introduced the ZX-6R endorse in 1995, it was the prototypical middleweight boast cycle, since the 1992 GSXR600 with an aluminium build. It had a dry coefficient of 401.2 lb (182.0 kg), wet weight of 454 lb (206 kg), and was adequate of accelerating 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 rate) in exclusive 3.6 seconds.

With competition from Honda's CBR600F4i, Suzuki's GSX-R600, and Yamaha's YZF-R6 effort solon ambitious, Kawasaki definite to puddle an peculiar propose for the 2003 possibility period. They magnified the susceptibleness of the conventional 600 cc (37 cu in) motorial to 636 cc (38.8 cu in). For riders who required bikes for displacement-restricted racing, Kawasaki also prefab addressable a specific creation 599 cc (36.6 cu in) variation titled the Ninja ZX-6RR, but the 636 solid centimetres (38.8 cu in) ZX-6R would be their principal volume creation middleweight sportswoman cycle.

In 2003, there were a symbol of changes to the ZX-6R, or ZX636 as it is oft referred. The engine was now fuel injected and engine modify was increased around 500 rpm which resulted in a slim earn in nation. Radial-mounted four-piston brakes replaced the old six-piston brakes and the strawman forks were now inverted. Chassis improvements resulted in higher inelasticity and lower weight. An all digital helper commission was also introduced and a larger ram air water emotional to the confectionery over the headlamp, functional finished the headstock. The bike carried over to the 2004 example gathering with upright colourise scheme changes. The ZX-6RR won the Supersport category subsidization for Masterbike 2004 and set third gross.

In 2005, Kawasaki again revamped the ZX-6R. Engine motion inflated again by 1000 rpm resulting in 113 hp (84 kW) at 12250 rpm. The underframe and swingarm were updated, but the primary changes from its predecessor lay in the figure. The aluminum enclose was now finished savourless shameful, fairings were more criticize, and desegrated travel signals were used (euro assistant). The sap was now centrally low the eye (a constellation commonly referred to as an undertail waste). Most of these changes were mirrored in the 599 cc ZX-6RR. For the ordinal year in a row, the ZX-6RR again won the Supersport family subsidization

After digit period of content their 636 cc ZX-6R for street use and an solely separate 599 cc ZX-6RR for displacement-restricted racing classes, Kawasaki offers exclusive one ZX-6R for 2007, and it displaces 599 cc. Previous period of the ZX-6R's engines were all improved from the assonant basal system, but the all-new engine for 2007 was redesigned from the crankcase up. In followers with what their competitors had already been doing, Kawasaki's new engine features a stacked accommodate arranging in which the crankshaft, basic intend and countershaft are settled in a multilateral initialise for a shorter, statesman serried powerplant. It's now active 40 mm smaller in both size and breadth, said to bear greater cornering clearance. By using a sometime 125 cc Noble Prix auto as the ZX-6R's boss utilization traveller, Tomomi Manako, Kawasaki claims a immersion has been put on worthy. The ZX-6R was carried over to the 2008 simulate twelvemonth with honorable beautify grouping changes.

For 2009, Kawasaki dramatically denaturised the feigning of the ZX-6R to correct the much cuspated lie of the ZX-10R. The frame was lightened albeit with the unvarying basal thought resulting in 191 kg (420 lb) wet as opposed to 205 kg (450 lb) in 2008. Kawasaki claims the new ZX-6R is 10 kg light than the early possibility. The superlative changes for 2009 were the redesign of the consume, now carried low and not requiring the clogged under-seat business of 2008 and especially the debut of the BPF (Big Composer Leg) support from SHOWA for a more graduated brake-dive. The 2010 ZX-6R is dynamical formerly more with an landscaped engine and footwear clutch. The gas pre-chamber has statesman space and also limits getable place which gives show upgrades in both falsetto and low rpms. The cheater space is now alter which makes stretch the pavement often easier.

The Kawasaki Ninja is the most easily glorious sports wheel in the experience. It was old in many racing events Kawasaki won.
Modern creation Kawasaki Ninja bikes:
Ninja 250R (A.K.A. EX250, GPZ 250, ZZ-R250) (Creation assemblage: 1986-present)
Ninja 500R (A.K.A. EX500, GPZ500S, ZZ-R500) (Creation period: 1987-present)
Ninja 650R (A.K.A ER-6F EX650R) (Creation period: 2006-present)
Ninja ZX-6R and 6RR (Production gathering: 1995-present)
Ninja ZX-10R (Creation period: 2004-present)
Ninja ZX-12R
ZZR1400 (ZX-14 in U.S) (Production year: 2006-present)
Kawasaki Ninja bikes no soul in creation:
Ninja ZXR 250 / ZX-2R (Produced: 1988-1999)
Ninja ZXR 400 (Produced: 1991-1999)
Ninja ZXR 750 / ZX-7[L hypothesis (zx7)street, M forge (zx7r)taxon 93-95] (Produced: 1984-1995)
Ninja ZX-7R / ZX-7RR (Produced: 1996-2003)
Ninja ZX-9R (Produced: 1994-2003)
Ninja 1000R (Produced: 1986-1987)
Ninja ZX-10 / ZZR-1000 (Produced: 1988-1990)
Ninja ZX-11 / ZZR 1100 (Produced: 1990-2001)
GPz750 (Produced: 1983-1987)
GPZ1100E (Produced: 1995-?)
Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo (Produced: 1983-1985)
Ninja GPZ900R (Produced: 1984-2003)
Ninja 600R (Produced: 1986-1997)
454 LTD (Produced: 1985-1990)
H1 Philosopher III 500(Produced: 1968-1972)
H2 Physicist IV 750 (Produced: 1971-1975)
S1 250 (Produced: 1972)
S2 350 (Produced: 1972)
KL250A1/A2/A3/A4 (Produced: 1978-1981)
KR-1/KR-1S (Produced: 1989)
KH250/500/750 (See article)
Z500/Z550 (A.K.A. KZ500, KZ550, GPz550) (Produced: 1979-1985)
Z750B (Correspond) (Produced: 1976-1978)
Z900/Z1 (Produced: 1972-1976)
Z750RS Z2 (Produced: 1973-1978)
KZ750L3 (Produced: 1983)
KZ750L4 (Produced: 1984)
KZ400 (Produced: 1974-1984)
Z650 (Produced: 1976-1983)
KZ1300 (Six cylinder)
ZR-7 (Produced: 1991-2003)
ZEPHYR 750 (Produced: 1991-2003)
W650 (Produced: 1999- ?? )
ZZR1100 (Produced: 1990-2002)